Your online records inventory

Bringing fast & easy management of your records to your desktop.

“Your records will never be far away with access to the DMS Online Portal”

Fast, free & easy to use

DMS Online is a web based interface to provide access to your managed inventory. Because it can be accessed using a web browser, anyone, anywhere in your organisation can use the DMS Online portal to view records, order services such as retrieval of items from your inventory and materials like archiving boxes, as well as adding or editing items in the database.

How DMS Online can help your organisation:

  • DMS Online allows for fast searching for records and adding found records to a ‘shopping cart so they can be delivered back to you.
  • You can add new items – boxes, files and data tapes – to the data base before we pick them up.
  • You can edit existing items live in the database.
  • Materials like boxes and barcodes can be easily ordered using DMS the Online portal.
  • We take the time to customise the DMS online portal to suit your requirements so what you see is relevant to your needs at all times – this is not just a one-size-fits-all generic solution, it can be customised for you.
  • Different levels of security can be assigned to different staff members at your organisation. For example, a member of your sales team can be configured so that they do not have access to payroll records. We can also setup the system so only certain members of staff can order records, while others can only edit existing records for the purpose of data entry. Whatever combination of access options your organisation needs, we can configure them.
  • Complex searches are made easy with the powerful search capabilities of the DMS Online portal. We can define custom searches based on the unique criteria you use to find your information so you can always locate what you are looking for.


The screen shots below demonstrate the power, ease of use and customisation capability of DMS Online.

Click on the thumbnail image on the left to enlarge

Login screen: Access all the benefits of DMS Online from any standard web browser anywhere in the world.


Main Screen: Allows easy navigation to all the main functions of the system.


Legal files example: In this screen shot, we have customised the file ‘add’ form to allow the intuitive entry of information applicable to legal files. We can customise the system to add information such as a lawyer’s name and the date the file opened.


Medical records example: With the ability to customise the system to cater for medical record numbers (MRNs), patient names and admission dates (if required), medical records can be easily located, added, edited and ordered for retrieval.

Other industries are also easy to cater for. Contact us to find out how we can customise our web solution to suit your needs. We can also give you a demonstration of DMS Online as part of our detailed assessment of your Records and Information Management requirements.

To find out more about how you may benefit from having your organisation’s information professionally managed, call us on 1300 557 990 and tell us about your current situation. Or click here to go to our ‘Contact Us’ page.