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DocuWare is built to work within your IT ecosystem. With 500 different integrations across email, team portals, CRM, ERP, HR systems, homegrown software and more, our success speaks for itself. DocuWare also integrates with key business hardware like scanners and multifunction devices for effortless conversion of paper to digital.

DocuWare iPaaS Connectors

Connect DocuWare Cloud to over 1,000 other cloud applications. Create business workflows across multiple systems.

Connect to Outlook

Integrate Microsoft Outlook into your office productivity. Securely archive incoming and outgoing email while automatically triggering new workflow tasks.

Connect to Teams

Store documents shared in Microsoft Teams centrally and securely in DocuWare, along with your other business documents. And share documents from DocuWare via link in Teams for quick and easy communication.

URL Integration

Embed URL links to DocuWare elements like documents, lists or search dialogs in any application.


Changes in an archive are automatically reported to your business applications like push messages. The apps can directly synchronize their dataset or trigger workflows.

Platform Service

Use the REST-based gateway to DocuWare and integrate via XML or JSON. (For example, reveal DocuWare file cabinets in the interface of a third-party application.)

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Data Intergration
Data Intergration
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