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Web Forms

Web forms are a user-friendly way to collect data and automated workflows that put information to work and kick off the next step in a process instantly upon submission.

Web forms can:


  • Completed data across multiple other documents at once to minimize data entry

  • Electronic signatures

  • Attach supporting documents, photo's, files

  • Reduce emails and time spent waiting on forms being held at an employee’s or client's desk

  • Increase visibility into business processes and work currently in progress

  • Effectively capture and share information with a mobile/remote workforce

Web forms can validate data using built in intelligence to simplify user selections and form completion, reducing unnecessary fields enhancing the user experience.

Stop using static PDF, Word, Excel forms and consider how a web form can gain control of any process that requires the collected information to be distributed within the business or the exchanging of data with other applications.

Web forms also structure data, so that the information can automate workflows to initiate a business process.

Ask today for a demonstration of what can be achieved

Web Forms
Web Forms
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