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Digital Transformation is the use of technology to enhance the user experience. It is about converting processes that were manual to digital using workflow triggers to achieve automation. 


Think about it, just because information is received electronically does not mean you have achieved digital transformation.

Finance & Accounting

Accounts payable has taken big steps in achieving digital transformation. Capture invoices from your email and automatically match them to purchase orders and delivery dockets, along with approval workflows and reconciliation of statements. 

Upon completion approved invoices and general ledger details are posted back into your accounting package. Get rid of paper, avoid clerical errors, reduce invoice handling, streamline approvals and eliminate manual data entry. Most importantly: recapture valuable time for higher-value tasks.

Sales & Operations

Why wait to get back to the office, do business in real time. Digital workflows simplify tasks by reducing the need to double handle information, a sales process can require the engagement of multiple departments and sometimes third-party providers.

Workflows with event triggers ensure a quality customer experience which increase efficiencies and reduce costs by eliminating printing and wasted time completing individual forms or back and forth emails. Integration with Outlook and most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems further enables you to streamline your sales and marketing processes. 

Employee Management

On-boarding a new employee is their first experience with your business, from inviting them to an interview to completing the necessary documents. Simplify the process with automation to empower individuals, managers and HR colleagues with self-service capabilities including:

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Leave Applications

  • Annual Reviews

  • Incident Rports

  • Exit Interviews

  • and more.

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